Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Security alert

It has been more than a month that a thief broke into my house at midnight and stole money, mobile and some of my belongings.I knew the incident at about 2 o’clock. I was scared as such incidents hadn’t occurred in my life. I always take life normally and had kept myself open to the people around me. I never thought that thieves will take advantage of the open window at night.
I called the local inspector, hoping that he would come to my home and search the place. But to my surprise, he asked me to file the complaint in the morning. I lost all the hope from the police when he didn’t care to know about the details of the incident and didn’t bother to search the place.
This is just a case related with me; there are many other cases in which people have lost their hope from police and the state. Police are losing public trust. It has been more than a month that three simultaneous bomb attacks were made in the valley killing three and injuring six people. The incident took place at a time when we are moving towards the constituent assembly.