Rajneesh Bhandari is a Multimedia journalist based in Nepal. Rajneesh is interested in doing enterprising and investigative stories. He has got more than 5 years of reporting experience in broadcast.
Currently Rajneesh is working with Kantipur Television, one of the popular television stations in Nepal. He has closely reported on the peace process, conflict, declaration of national anthem of Nepal, army integration, human rights issues, national security and other highly important political events in Nepal.
Reporting from DR Congo
In May 2010, Rajneesh reported about Democratic Republic of Congo’s ongoing peace process after visiting the third largest country in African. He has also reported about the slums of Chennai in May 2009.
He is currently writing his thesis for his masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tribhuwan University in Nepal.

He can be contacted at:

Website/Skype: rajneesh.com.np
Email: rajneeshtimes@gmail.com
PO BOX: 20432 Kathmandu, Nepal.
My articles that are published on various media: